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We are honored to provide you with products and services. If you like it and do a simple share, we would appreciate it so much!

Sisters always have trouble identifying which wig businesses are legal on Facebook. Do you have the same experience? Would you recommend us to them? To get more sisters know about Braids Queen products quality and service, we encourage you do a real review after receiving or installation. Then we will reward the shares! It only takes you a few minutes, very easy!

Method & Rule:

Step1. After you receive or install wig, you can take pretty photos or short video about showing the wig or your feeling;

Step2. Comment a review on the post of our Facebook Page with your pretty photos/video;

Step3. Once your comment of photo/video is liked over 30 times, we will send you $20 as reward.(You need to send a screenshot to our email: )

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