How to style your braided box braids

Braided box braids are considered as the most protective and long term style that provide a classic look and can be worn on special occasions and on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you are going for an event, wedding or in your office, braided box braids are the best alternative. The following is a description of various styles that will give you an awesome and stylish look while wearing the braids:

    • Maze style
    • Use a stretchy and a big headband to keep all the hair together in a box style. Make sure that the band is not in any way pulling your braids and you can to hide the band by the style.
    • High bun
    • Separate your braids into two sections and twist them until you form a bun. You are recommended to use a pin to secure the bun.
    • Heart bun
      • Separate pieces of braids, twist them to the end and tightly secure them. This style will give you a pretty look although you will take a lot of time to make it.
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